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Dentsply Sirona – DAC UNIVERSAL

Fast and safe instrument processing supports workflows in the practice

Clean, safe and fast – these are the requirements for automatic instrument processing today. Users of the DAC UNIVERSAL can check off all three of these. It has clear advantages over the competition, especially for workflow, time savings, validation and flexibility.

Workflow: four steps, one cycle

The DAC UNIVERSAL processes instruments fully automatically and in just one cycle. Simply push a button and the special cover closes and the reprocessing program starts. The first step is internal cleaning in which the internal channels are rinsed with water. In the second step, the drive channels are lubricated. Then the third step begins, an external cleaning, in which the instruments are cleaned in a multi-cyclical process using a pulse wash procedure and then cleaned with hot steam. In the fourth step, the instruments are sterilised and dried. All steps take place in a closed hygiene cycle. The result is that users have clean instruments in a completely safe and reliable way.

Time savings: Processing between patients

Cleaning and disinfecting non-invasive turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces takes just 16 minutes with the DAC UNIVERSAL. The instruments can be used for the next treatment immediately after the cycle and a brief cooling-off period. The DAC UNIVERSAL is also optimal for invasive transmission instruments. After the cycle in the DAC UNIVERSAL, the instruments are packaged and sterilised in a class B autoclave.

Validated: Proven effectiveness of processes

Users are on the safe side legally with the fully automatic DAC UNIVERSAL combination autoclave. It complies with the requirements of national and EU hygiene guidelines (i.e. the British HTM 01-05 guidelines). The DAC UNIVERSAL is the only validated combination autoclave available on the market. Both the cleaning and the sterilisation processes have been proven to be effective and reproducible. For the initial validation, Sirona provides a default test of the DAC UNIVERSAL by means of an alternative reference loading. On-site servicing is required after two years or 3,000 cycles. The next performance qualification (revalidation) can be performed after servicing.

Flexibility: Autoclave cleans a number of different instruments

The DAC UNIVERSAL can hold six turbines or straight or contra-angle handpieces. Alternately, five solid instruments such as probes or curettes can be placed in the additionally available special basket cover. The DAC UNIVERSAL thus offers maximum flexibility in your daily practice routine.


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