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The new magazine can be viewed online. (Image: Dürr Dental)

D’life – Dürr Dental introduces new customer magazine

Von Dürr Dental
March 15, 2015

COLOGNE, Germany: German dental manufacturer Dürr Dental has presented the first issue of its newly designed customer magazine D’life at the International Dental Show in Cologne. The magazine, which was launched in November last year, offers customers an exciting range of topics, appealing professionally and emotionally.

“With D’life we want to establish a new forum for our passion, dental medicine. We want to inspire our customers, acquainting them with exciting people and innovations.” Axel Schramm, Executive Vice President at Dürr Dental explained the intentions of the new magazine.

The name D’life stands for topics that touch dentists in their environment of life, work, and needs; that are a moving factor in their profession and reflect their social demands. In addition to dental subjects, the magazine covers lifestyle issues of people working in the field of dental medicine. Taking a broader view, topics include culture, arts as well as photography, fashion and design.

Overall, D’life reflects zeitgeist as well as tradition in dentistry and shows what moves people working in this professional area. In this effort, provides insights into the dental world on an interdisciplinary and international level, and highlights innovations through expertise of dentist for example.

“It was of special concern to me that the new magazine reflects our values such as quality and customer partnership, meaning communication between equals,” said Mike Layer, Director Central Marketing at Dürr Dental.

More information about the magazine is available at

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