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prevention international No. 2, 2020


(Nettopreis, Mehrwertsteuer kann an der Kasse auf der Grundlage Ihrer Rechnungsadresse und Umsatzsteuernummer hinzugefügt werden)

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In this issue: Editorial / The dental hygienist in times of COVID-19 / Mental health in the dental profession during the COVID-19 pandemic / “With a healthy oral cavity, the effects of hormonal fl uctuations on periodontal health will be minimal” / For young people too, interdental brushing should be a daily habit / Plaque control measures and thrust for preventive dentistry—dentists’ attitude / Oral health programme for athletes proves successful for sporting performance / Laser-assisted prophylaxis around zirconia implants / Effects of 10,600 nm carbon dioxide lasers on preventing caries / Designing for the environment—sustainability in plastic products / The Smile Revolution supports dental professionals around the world / BioMin F in Smile Revolution podcast / Reducing the risk of infection in dental settings / Submission guidelines /

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