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roots international No. 2, 2020


(Nettopreis, Mehrwertsteuer kann an der Kasse auf der Grundlage Ihrer Rechnungsadresse und Umsatzsteuernummer hinzugefügt werden)

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In this issue: Editorial / Lecture programme ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 online / Speakers ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 online / Abstracts ROOTS SUMMIT 2020 online / The new endodontic channel for comprehensive learning / Impact of reciprocal and OTR motion on mechanical NiTi files’ resistance to fracture in cyclic fatigue testing and during canal preparation in resin blocks / Root canal therapy with modern NiTi files: Case reports / Management of intracanal separated instruments: A clinical case report / Effective and safe endodontic treatment of teeth with curved canals / Clinical management of maxillary second molar root canal therapy in different anatomical situations / Management of iatrogenic pulpal floor perforation in a mandibular molar with MTA and PRF: A case report / Manufacturer news / Successful communication in your daily practice Part XI: Attracting prospective patients from abroad / Submission guidelines /

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