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roots international No. 1, 2021


(Nettopreis, Mehrwertsteuer kann an der Kasse auf der Grundlage Ihrer Rechnungsadresse und Umsatzsteuernummer hinzugefügt werden)

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In this issue: Editorial / Armamentarium for dentine conservation during endo treatment / Endodontic treatment of maxillary left rst molar with complicated root canal system / Improved endodontic efficiency with Er:YAG AutoSWEEPS modality / Autogenous transplantation followed by conservative root canal therapy: Three years follow-up / Cyclic fatigue resistance of several nickel–titanium glide path rotary and reciprocating files / Slow down everyone—dentistry does not need to be done at speed - Part 1 / Dental fi tness: The future concept of sustainable dentistry / Interview: Environmental sustainability in endodontics / COVID-19 and dental education: Will dental schools admit new students in 2021? / Manufacturer news / Submission guidelines /

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