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Brand History

UnionTech has been deeply involved and developed rapidly in dentistry in recent years. Launched by UnionTech in July 2017, EvoDent is a dental-specific 3D printer brand that applies additive manufacturing technology. As a result, with professional 3D printing technology, EvoDent was developed to revolutionize dental processing, transform from traditional manufacturing to digitalization, and define the standard of 3D printing for different dental applications.



Brand Purpose

UnionTech EvoDent releases comprehensive 3D printing solutions that range from CAD design to finished 3D printing products, aiming to revolutionize dental processing, chairside restoration, orthodontics, and implantation with professional 3D printing technology, defining the standard of digital 3D printing application in dentistry, and coming up to your best expectations.

Digital Dentistry 3D Printing


UnionTech 3D
Room 102, Unit 40, 258 Xinzhuan Rd,
Shanghai 201612,

Further Offices

UnionTech of Europe
Bleichstrasse 8,
61137 Schöneck,

UnionTech of North America
1718 N Fry Road #320 Houston,
Texas 77084,
United States

UnionTech Vietnam
B140 The Oasis 1 D33 Street, Quarter 4, Vietsing Residential Area,
An Phu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province,

UnionTech Russia
2nd Roschinskay str. 4, office 314,
115191, Moscow,

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