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LM-Dental, founded in 1973, develops, produces and markets high-tech dental hand instruments and their tracking system together with ultrasonic devices, orthodontic appliances and more. LM-Dental is truly dedicated to manufacturing excellence, allowing us to serve our customers with products that are precise, durable, and reliable. Continuous improvement in services and standards has always been the guiding principle of the company. All of LM-Dental products are made in Finland with a proud Nordic heritage.
What LM brand is widely known and recognized is the innovation introduced already in 1980: the color-coded handles to ease the identification of the instrument. These radical product theses at the time - a thicker handle, optimized shape, elastic surface, lightness and color-coding - have become industry wide standards in the 21st century. LM-Dental is the innovation leader that others copy.
The greatest outcome of intense research and cooperation with dental clinicians was the launch of LM-ErgoSense instruments in 2015 with even more ergonomic grip and with possibility to integrate a trackable RFID tag into the handle making it the first "smart instrument" on the market which together with scanning readers and software create a unique LM Dental Tracking System.


LM-Dental is also known of innovative coating technologies like sharpen free LM Sharp Diamond coated instruments. LM Sharp Diamond instrument tip is made from exceptionally durable special metal alloy, and its wear resistance is enhanced by a protective micro membrane coating providing excellent sharpness. These instruments present optimal characteristics of superior sharpness, tactile sensitivity and comfort while combined with premium ergonomics of LM-ErgoSense handle. LM Sharp Diamond instruments are ideal choice for clinicians who frequently use hand instruments and want to minimize the time spent on instrument maintenance. The time saved from sharpening can be used for productive work and patient care.


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